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Open an Event Management Company in Hungary

Open an Event Management Company in Hungary

An event management company in Hungary refers to a business in which the investors have to create a certain strategy that will allow them to manage various types of events, set out in accordance with clients’ vision.  Our team of Hungarian company formation specialists can assist in various aspects of the incorporation process and can help you choose a certain event management domain which may offer attractive business opportunities. 

Event management company in Hungary 

Investors who are interested in setting up a company as an event management business should know that the field offers a wide range of fields. As a general rule, the event management usually refers to the following: 

• planning celebrations, such as weddings, fairs or parades;

• planning events in the field of education (seminars and conferences);

• promotion industry, related to various fields, such as fashion or politics;

• commemoration events.

The event management company can deal with many services, which can refer to all aspects of the specific event, such as finding a location, set out a design in accordance with the event, transportation of the participants and others; our team of Hungarian company formation agents can provide more details about the most representative event management fields available in Hungary

Registration of an event management company in Hungary 

This type of company is registered in accordance with the incorporation process available for any other type of business. Foreign investors are advised to receive the legal assistance of specialists who can help with the drafting of the main documents of the company. 

It is required to open a Hungarian bank account in which the minimum share capital of the legal entity representing the event management company is deposited in, prior to the commencement of the business operations. 

You can ask for more information concerning this procedure our team of Hungarian accountants. Any matter concerning banking obligations a company has can be clarified with the help of our team, who can also provide assistance after the company becomes operational.

Thus, the company’s transactions will be monitored and verified by accountants, who also have the obligation to prepare and submit tax returns. 

The company should then be registered at the Registration Court, which will be further verified by the Tax Authority. The incorporation process can be completed by submitting the company’s documents through a standard or simplified online procedure; our specialists can offer more information on the process. 

If you need further information on the event management companies in Hungary, please contact our team of Hungarian company incorporation experts for consultations.