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7 Reasons for Opening a Travel Agency in Hungary

7 Reasons for Opening a Travel Agency in Hungary

1. Good location, at a crossroads

Hungary has a favorable location in Europe: between East and West and historically it has been transited by the Romans, Hapsburgs and the Turks – all of which have left a mark on country’s history, its cultural heritage and beauty. This makes it a great location to open a travel agency.

2. Important investment potential

Tourism in Hungary has great potential for development and it’s one of the reasons to invest in Hungary. The country offers high quality accommodation and dining options at affordable prices. The central part of the country is the most visited because it holds the capital city. Other areas with great potential for touristic development include Lake Balaton with beautiful rural sites, the Transdanubia region or Northern Hungary with historic towns.

3. Cultural tourism in Hungary

Cultural tourism in Hungary is among the most important subcategories of tourism. It includes sightseeing in the most important cities, participation in various cultural events like traditional music festival or arts and crafts fairs. Rural tourism is also becoming more popular because of Hungary’s numerous countryside attractions and national parks.

4. Wine tourism

Hungary has more than twenty wine-making areas and each produces its own characteristic liquor. Two of these wine territories are also included in the UNESCO World Heritage SitesWine tourism is dedicated to the traveler who wants to know more about the history and production methods of this liquor but also indulge in tasting high quality wines.

5. Wellness tourism in Hungary

Hungary is abundant in springs, thermal baths and other medicinal waters. Budapest is the only capital in the world that holds the most thermal baths and medicinal springs but the potential for developing medical and curative tourism activities is also important in other parts of the country.

6. Budapest: the jewel of Hungary

Renowned publications like The New York Times or Time Magazine have named Budapest as one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The city is extremely popular among tourists and the House of Parliament is a landmark known worldwide. Hungary also has other important tourist attractions. For example, it has numerous World Heritage Sites.

7. Investor friendly policies

The entire company registration process in Hungary takes about five days and foreign investors who want to open a travel agency in Hungary can commence business activities in a very short time.. The Hungarian Government encourages and supports foreign investments in the country through a series of measures and tax incentives in certain parts of the territory. 

For even more information about investment opportunities in the country or detailed information about the legislation for foreign investments please do not hesitate to contact our company registration experts in Hungary.

If you will start a business in Hungary, after the incorporation process you will need other types of services for your company. 

One of them is accounting, a basic component of any business. 

For this, our Hungarian accountant is ready to assist small and large companies, as well as individual businessmen developing a business activity in their own name (sole traders).