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Open a Recruitment Company in Hungary

Open a Recruitment Company in Hungary

Start a recruitment business in Hungary

recruitment company in Hungary can engage in a number of activities and provide services for a wide range of clients. Hungary is a valuable destination for investments that holds important potential in various business fields. This is why investors who want to open a recruitment company in Hungary have the possibility to attract both local and foreign companies as their clients.

Foreign recruitment companies can provide services for the external and internal market. Hungarian employers who want to hire talented foreign employees will most often request the services of a HR company that can take care of the formalities for foreign employment in the country.

Our company registration experts in Hungary can help you open a recruitment company and start your business in human resources sector.

A recruitment company’s profile

recruitment agency in Budapest or in any other Hungarian city will usually provide services both for international and local recruitmentHuman resources specialists are trained to recruit for all types of positions, from company directors and CEOs to managers and specialists. A Hungarian HR company will focus its recruitment activities in all of the important business fields and industries, like financial services, automotive, IT, construction, food and beverage production and distribution and others.

recruitment company in Hungary will determine the client company’s needs, will perform pre-screenings and screenings for potential candidates, will interview those selected for the job and will be present at the final interview and selection with the client company. 

The company registration process in Hungary is relatively simple and in line with the procedures used in other European countries. However, if you are in need of assistance for communicating with the Hungarian authorities or for submitting the necessary forms and documents, our team of agents in Hungary can help.

The employment law in Hungary

The Hungarian employment law provides that any employment relationship between an individual and a company owner is concluded in a written employment agreement. This document will specify the nature of the work, the remuneration and the free days the employee in Hungary is entitled to. Recruitment companies can not only arrange for employment but they can also observe and document the evolution of the individual within the company.

For more detailed information about the types of companies in the country and the company registration procedure you can contact our experts in Hungary.

If you will register a recruitment company, you can rely on our accountant in Hungary for any matter concerning the accounting procedures that must be implemented in your company. 

Matters such as payroll, calculating taxes due, bookkeeping, submitting tax reports, etc., can all fall under the supervision of our qualified team of accountants, who can provide tailored services based on the size of the company.