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Virtual Office in Hungary

Virtual Office in Hungary

With a virtual office in Budapest, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office, which can be ideal if you want to open a company in Hungary. Our company has vast experience in company formation services and can also assist you in purchasing the services of a virtual office.

 Quick Facts  
  Virtual office – definition 

A virtual office is a physical place for doing business, located in a reputable area of the city, where the investors can meet with their business partners or receive business correspondence.  

Basic services offered by the virtual office in Hungary 


A business address, a place for doing business in a reputable area of the city, mail collecting and forwarding. 
Reasons to select the services of a virtual office in Hungary 


 It provides a company seat, office is ready to be used, very low costs, it provides flexible pricing solutions. 
Who should choose the services of a virtual office in Hungary 

Suitable for investors expanding a business and who do not dispose of a large capital, such as individuals working from home, freelancers, small companies, sole traders, and those who do not need to have a traditional office. 

Types of virtual office spaces available  Individual offices, co-working spaces,
meeting rooms.
Virtual office staff available for businessmen 

Virtual assistant, receptionist, IT specialists, cleaning personnel, mail delivery. 

Costs advantages when selecting the virtual office in Hungary 

Very low costs compared to a traditional office, and those interested can opt to sign monthly or yearly contracts.

Types of billing options  Monthly, yearly. 
The minimum cost per month for the services of virtual office  Approximately EUR 49
The maximum cost per month for renting virtual offices Approximately EUR 160  
Additional services that can be requested by businessmen  Local phone number, phone redirecting services, mail forwarding, phone answering, using the meeting room. 
Modern means of communications included (yes/no)  Yes 
Meeting rooms available (yes/no)  Yes 
The right to meet with business partners/employees in the virtual office (yes/no)  Yes

The virtual office package provided by CompanyIncorporationHungary.com contains:

  • prestigious business address in Budapest for a credible base for corresponding with clients;
  • registered office necessary for establishing a Hungarian company (this is a mandatory requirement for company formation in Hungary);
  • mail collection and forwarding – mail is collected and sent to you according to your instructions either by mail, fax or email;
  • incoming and outgoing faxes;
  • a local phone number in Budapest, Hungary;
  • voice mailbox – the voice messages received from your clients and business partners will be forwarded to you by email.

Our team of consultants in company registration in Hungary can provide other types of services that can be needed for a business that functions through a virtual office. Below, you can find other services that you can request, and for more details you can always rely on our team. Additional services offered by us refer to the following:

  •    dedicated fax service with your own private and dedicated number;
  •    call redirecting – specialized technology enables call redirection to your primary number;
  •    collection of bank statements issued by Hungarian banks;
  •    extra usage of the meeting room for meeting with business partners, clients or company’s employees.

What are the costs for a virtual office in Hungary?

The costs for a virtual office in Hungary will vary based on the types of services that you need for your company, the location where the office is located and others. As a general rule, all virtual offices in Hungary are located in business areas, which can offer a business identity to your company. 

One can select a virtual office that is located in the center of the city, in which case, the monthly costs will be higher, or in business areas or business area that can be scattered across the city. In these latter situations, the costs can be lower, but this does not necessarily apply, if the said locations are rated as top quality buildings. 

Regardless of the place where you will choose to have your business address, you should know that the fees charged for the services of a virtual office will always be considerably lower compared to renting a traditional office space, this being the most important advantage of a virtual office.

In the list below, our team of specialists in company registration in Hungary have prepared a short presentation regarding the types of contracts you can sign for the services of a virtual office

  • contracts signed for 1 month (they can be renewed from one month to the other);
  • 6 months contracts;
  • 12 months contracts;
  • 24 months contracts.

If you opt for contacts signed for a longer period of time, the overall price will decrease. It must be noted that you can find virtual office services providers in various Hungarian cities. Outside Budapest, you can easily find virtual office providers in cities such as Debrecen, Szeged and Pecs.

We mention that those who will opt for the most complex virtual office package can pay up to EUR 2,500 per month, while the simplest virtual office package, the one that offers a business address, can cost around EUR 100, but there is the possibility to find this service at even lower prices (EUR 50), depending on the location.

On the opposite side, renting a traditional office space can have much higher costs. Of course, the average cost will be influenced by the size of the office, which can be determined by the necessary number of employees and company’s activities.

In Hungary, the average price charged for the rental of office space in Budapest has gradually increased in the last years, reaching EUR 14,2 per month per square meter in 2nd quarter of 2023 and EUR 14,6 per square meter in the 1st quarter of 2024 (in comparison, in the 1st quarter of 2017, a square meter would cost EUR 11,2).

In Budapest, in the 3rd quarter of 2023, a total of 157 office lease agreements were signed, and the average size of the lease was 871 square meters, according to the Budapest Research Forum (BRF).

What are the advantages of a virtual office in Hungary?

If you want to open a company in Hungary and you do not dispose of a large capital or you are a first-time businessman, the virtual office can become the ideal solution for your business, as it does offer multiple advantages and it cuts numerous concerns of a businessperson who is in the beginning stages of a business. 

First, as said above, the virtual office has very low costs compared to renting, buying or building an office space. Then, it offers a registered business address, and this is a compulsory requirement during the process of company formation in Hungary, as all commercial entities in this country must have an address where they can be reached by the local authorities, clients and partners. 

It provides certain advantages on employment matters, as the employees of the company do not have to be present in the office in order to perform their professional duties. Due to this, investors can hire workforce from any country and not be limited by geographical boundaries. 

The virtual office can be an advantageous way to kick-start a business, as in the first years of activities investors face the largest number of challenges, financial or otherwise. However, this type of office is not suitable for all business types – it is ideally suited for small businesses, with only few employees or for companies that can carry their business operations through the internet. 

Another advantage is that it eliminates the worries regarding operating costs of the company – paying the rent, utility bills, purchasing office furniture and office supplies, complying with various health and safety measures when building an office space, obtaining business permits for the respective space and others. 

All these fall under the responsibility of the entities that provide virtual office services, while the investors who purchase such services will be seen as paying customers who simply use such services without having to deal with any of the above.

Operating through a virtual office in Hungary – main obligations

As the owner of a business who operates through the services of a virtual office in Hungary, you will have the same obligations as any other investor. This means that it is necessary to comply with all the steps for company registration in Hungary following the standard registration route.

Company formation in Hungary implies that investors must prepare a registration file, sign statutory documents, which can vary based on the company type that investors have opted to incorporate. Thus, those who want to register a partnership will sign a partnership agreement, while for private or public companies, the bylaws must be drafted and signed.

Hungarian company formation also deals with tax matters (tax registration, applying for a tax identification number, tax compliance). These obligations appear prior to starting a business activity and they are maintained while operating a business, as such, investors will need the services of accountants in Hungary.

Matters concerning VAT and other compulsory taxes charged for the sale of services or goods in Hungary are regulated by the National Tax and Customs Administration. If you have started the process of company formation in Hungary, you must know that you will have to register with this institution for tax purposes, and that you will also need to obtain a VAT number, as a part of the mandatory tax registration formalities. 

Address our team for corporate services in Hungary

For more details on other advantages that one can obtain through the services of a virtual officeour team of specialists in company registration in Hungary remains at your disposal. 

If you operate through a virtual office in Hungary, you will also need accounting services for your business. For this, you can rely on our accountants in Hungary, who can maintain the company’s books of accounts and prepare the financial documents that must be submitted as per the applicable law. 

Companies must observe the rules of the Accounting Act and enforce them according to the legal entity of the company, the number of employees and the annual revenue. 

Please contact our company formation specialists for more details regarding the characteristics of virtual offices in Hungary. If you choose to invest in Hungary by opening a company, our team of incorporation agents can help you. Our team can help you select one of the company types that are prescribed under national law.