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Open a Call Center in Hungary

Open a Call Center in Hungary

Many foreign investors decide to establish a call center in Hungary as this business proves to be profitable and in high demand. One of the first steps to be done is the registration procedure imposed by the Hungarian law. Even if you are not a native speaker our specialists in company formation in Hungary can help you overcome the language barrier and assist you with the process of setting up a call center in this country.

Why establish a call center in Hungary?

There are many oportunities and special conditions for the foreign investors in Hungary. Depending on your needs, the flexible Hungarian framework will be able to host a call center that you can structure in one of the available types of entities provided by the Hungarian Law. Regardless whether you decide to provide inbound processes (by receiving phone calls, e-mails) or outbound (initiating phone calls), in Hungary you have the advantage of reliable and cheap workforce. The people are well trained and educated and a significant majority of the population speaks several foreign languages. This aspect can represent an important advantage for the objectives of a call center business

Another reason for you to choose Hungary as the place for opening a call center is the clear and fast formation procedure of a legal entity. The Hungarian legislative system encourages foreign investment and facilitates the opening of new companies in the outsourcing domain by providing advantageous taxation policies. If the income of a company is not exceeding HUF 500 million, the corporate tax which applies to it remains at a flat rate of 10%.  

Our specialists in company formation in Hungary can help you with setting up your call center in this country and with key information regarding taxation. They can as well assist you in obtaining all the needed licenses these services might require according to the Hungarian law.

How to set up a call center in Hungary 

One of the key steps of initiating a call center in Hungary is to find the appropriate legal structure for it and to register it  with the local authority. There are several types of legal entities offered by the Hungarian state. Ourcompany formation agents can help you choose the type of structure that suits best your business interests, gather the relevant documentation and help you open your company in Hungary.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is to obtain the telemarketing licences from Hungary as well as from the countries in which you intend to initiate calls. You might qualify as well for an exemption from the payment of telemarketing licences depending on what you intend to sell.

You might need to establish special contracts with telecommunication providers, and internet operators, for a successful cooperation. Take time to compare the offers and try to negotiate special prices with the provider of your choice. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our Hungarian company formation representatives for assistance in the establishing of a call center in this country.